Monday, October 17, 2005

Wall Street Snob

I attempted to Design a Wall Street snob today. I have included the some of the roughs and a quick cleanup and photoshop coloring. I feel that my color sens has weakened, due to my long absence from painting. Whats the feedback?


Blogger Al Johnson said...

Hey Dude,

He's certainly a slick fella. I like the big hair to show his character. The tie seems awkward to me, mainly because it seems to be at a strange angle to the body. Also, I think you could pose his left arm to show character, like have it casually slipped in his pocket or resting on his waist.

As far as colouring goes, what I think is different here to your previous pieces I have seen, is that you are essentially using flat colour. The value contrasts within the shapes aren't strong enough at the moment for us to have a sense of form. I don't think its a major problem though, because you have strong line work, so that it reads easily.

One thing I was thinking about, with the background, was to set him against something suggestive of a city night sky, to give more contrast with him (although not too dark to lose the linework) and give the sense of a setting.

That's my 50 cents anyway. Glad to see you still striking forward mate and making LCAD proud.

6:44 PM  
Blogger puppet said...

the big hair made me laugh. i'm pretty much with alan here on the posing side of things. he may need a jacket to go with those slacks too. keep at it kaveh!

11:11 PM  

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